How do We Counteract the Marketing of Fear?

Don’t buy it. When someone tells you to worry about something, ask if it requires that you subscribe to something that will reduce your paycheck on a monthly basis. I’m not saying that all fears one hears about are unjustified. Clearly, the environment is fucked, global warming is real, and the fascists are out to get us. but these fears are absolutely free of charge. These are, in fact, fears that require you stop buying something. Avoid all fears that include the necessity that you purchase a book, or attend a paid seminar, or send money to an organization that will promptly spend your money on spreading more fear. I will not name these organizations. Some of them are good. Some of them are bad. Some of them do good in the world. Some of them do good only for themselves. That is not my point, to demonize those who move money for their own purposes. What I want to call into question instead is the american fear industry. I believe what is called for is a general strike and boycott by american fear consumers. I suggest that we organize and take to the streets and declare a moratorium on the endless fear broadcasts that are designed to make us buy into their lifestyle of more, and more, and more fear. It’s like heroin, this fear. It stops us dead in our tracks, makes us surrender to authority, keep our head down, not want to cause any trouble. The american way used to be making trouble. The founding fathers, god rest and damn those bourgeois white slave-owning indian killers, were right about one thing: the tree of liberty was never watered by the piss of fear.

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