Biding Time

Senator Roy Blunt. Roy, who would have thought of running into you in the Senate. I see you rode in on the tide of Republicans. I would hope that was the only hope you had for getting elected. I'm used to seeing you work your mischief in the House with your buddy Tom Delay. I never could understand what the people of Missouri saw in you but stranger things have happened there. I consider you one of the Republicans biding time, Democrats also have senators biding time, not too good, not to bad, just drawing a pay check and reaping the perks. I thought you used poor judgment in hooking your wagon to Tom DeLay in the House but it looks like you came out smelling like roses. You went to the Senate and Tom went home to Texas packing a defiant attitude, a bruised ego, and a ruined career. I'm not expecting great things from you in the Senate, neither am I expecting bad, that's the nature of your kind. I would guess you won't be able to work yourself into leadership positions in the Senate like you did in the House, unless you're able to use your time in the House as some kind of tiebreaker in the Senate seniority system. There are a number of fire breathing tea party Republicans pawing the ground and snorting for senior positions. I don't know how well you'd do holding your own against them. Roy, I'm on a search for good in the Republican Party but I don't think I've found it in you. You leave me lukewarm. I'll perhaps catch a glimpse of you from time to time on TV but doubtful as often as I saw you when you served in the House. The senate is probably a good place for you to serve out your time, add to your pension, and call in a few chips.