Twitter, What a Tweet!

I had heard of Twitter before from various people and institutions exclaming, "Follow me / us on Twitter!". I knew the general concept of Twitter, but I never really understood what all the fuss was about. I signed up for an account after attending a workshop (titled The workshop, which FYI was wonderful, informative, and interesting, so I would recommend going if they put one on like it again). One of the speakers at The workshop talked about Twitter and she seemed to be able to pull so much knowledge from it and connect with so many people. I tried to get the hang of it, but I never really understood how to use Twitter to find what I wanted. Maybe because I never thought I was doing anything interesting enough to tweet, or maybe because I did not have anyone following me to care (how sad!). What I did not realize is that twitter can be a way to reach out to fellow educators from around the globe and share information, thoughts, web links, etc. I love that Twitter is a huge social network that we can use to make connections with other people and potentially learn from them. I think that my biggest challenge will be learning how to develop a PLN on Twitter and use it to gain knowledge and information with others. I will continue reading tips about Twitter (I wonder if they have a "Twitter for Dummies" tutorial or book?). Thanks to Sue from NBCC for sending me some links to help me get started. Although I can not claim to be a Twitter expert (not even close, actually) I am going to keep trying and hope to get the hang of it!

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