I am amazed at what I am learning every week. I may have known a little bit about each of these Web 2.0 tools, but prior to now I have not taken the time to really understand them. I remember being very interested in podcasting while riding the tube in London and discovering that people were watching TV shows on their mobile devices while commuting to work. Since then, I have used podcasting to keep up on my favorite shows, but did not consider the value podcasting can have in education. One of the links Judy provided us with talked about students creating their own podcasts and feeling motivated to continue with the knowledge that people all over the world have access to their podcast. Asking students to create a podcast about a certain topic may be a great assignment idea. The teacher could easily subscribe to the podcast to ensure they receive any new data. Also, encouraging students to listen/watch and subscribe to an educational podcast (eg Grammar tips or patient care issues). I think that this could help many students learn as they can access the information whenever they wish and they can access it on the go (they could learn patient care practices on their bus ride to school). Upon exploring the Teacher's Podcast (thanks for the link Judy), I discovered that they have created an App for the iPhone that allows you to click and have access to their podcasts! How efficient! Podcasting seems like a much less lonely venture than blogging, maybe I should try creating one.