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The world of electronics offers so many underestimated possibilities and it’s so vast and complex that you will be amazed. There are so many things that you can do, useful thing that you have never thought of. Electronic circuits are composed of individual component like transistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, resistors, which are connected by conductive wires of traces through which electric current can flow. This kind of combination, components and wires, allows various simple and complex operations to be performed like: signals amplified, computation performed, or data moved from one place to another. In a integrated circuit, also known as IC, the components and interconnections are formed on the same substrate, typically a semiconductor such as silicon or (less commonly) gallium arsenide. Digital electronic circuits use electric signals to take on discrete values, to represent logical and numeric values. These values also represent the information that is being processed. concentrates all the efforts of great, professional people and their innovative skills to introduce you in the world of electronics with more than 1090 electronic projects. We invite you to discover valuable information and detailed, innovative projects, from our best electronics engineers. You provide you a great database of electronic circuits and schematics, basic ideas for beginners, designs and new ways to practice your hobby with ease. Discover articles in our main categories: audio amplifiers, solar charges for solar panels, battery charges, kits, voltage converters, led, datasheet and much more. We are a strong, smart and dedicated team, always joyful to share our knowledge with the willing ones, so feel free to be a part of our community and ask us everything you need to know regarding our projects. Our experts bring you hands-on reviews, tips and tutorials on all the latest electronics and gadgets. Browse through this website and learn more about interesting and useful projects.