What makes Gyaru?

Every third people keeps telling that fat people can't be gals. Or black people. Or the ugly ones. At the same time the other ones says that you can't be gal without circle lenses, heavy makeup, false lashes, brand clothes big hair or something. Still some people buy their clothes from local stores, have straight hair, no lenses and not much makeup at all and they're gals. Some people have this all but aren't. I'm wondering what makes gyaru. I've allways been thinking that gyaru is a social sommunity as much as it's a style. Maybe the community is even more important. I don't think it's possible to be gyaru outside Japan. You can wear the same kind of clothes or makeup, have own circle etc but it'll never be the same. As much some people want to be gals I think they're just copying the style. They can do it well and look the same as their japanese idols but gyaru is in the attitude and the way you see the life - not in clothes. So, what's gyaru and what's the difference between them and "regular people". Sometimes when I'm looking at the Popteen or Ageha my answer is nothing. When I look at some of the outfits in the magazines and compare them with the ones I see everyday at school I see no difference. Jeans, tartan shirt, hair... Everything looks the same exept makeup. And still I know that none of the guys in my school have never even heard a word gyaru. Is there any matter of being gal in west if you look the same as the other girls who have no idea what gyaru even is?

What i'm trying to say is that if I see manba in the street I see gal. I think "wau, she's doing a great style". Then I see a blond girl with curled hair next to her. She looks very stylish. She doesn't have circle lenses or strong makeup but I'm pretty sure she's wearing Ank Rouges shirt. I don't know if she's gal or not. Is she just normal stylish girl who has gyaru friend and shirt from gyaru brand? Or is she actually in gyaru? Never knows.But still if I see japanese gal I know that she is gal. Even if she'd wear school uniform or something. What's the point of being gyaru? Why people need to prove that they're gals? Why they can't just be pretty girls with big hair, stylish clothes and nice makeup? Rockers are rockers and punkers are punkers but gals are not gals. It doesn't make any sense. I think the problem is that none of us really don't know what western gyaru is and what it should be alike. We have thousands of opinions and none of us can't tell who's right and who's wrong. We can't tell that 'cause there're no standards for being western gal. My personal opinion is that everyone can do gyaru as a style but there's a big diffenrence between you and the community saying that you you're a gal. You can feel youself gyaru. You can take lots of inspiration from style. You can even wear gyaru brands and gyaru stylish makeup. But in the end it's up to western gyaru community if "you're gyaru or not". Ok this text propably didn't make any sense but I felt that I needed to tell you some my thoughts. I'd love to hear you opinions.

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