So Delicious!

After watching tutorials and some good old fashioned trial and error, I am beginning to get a grasp on social bookmarking. After searching a couple different topics using Delicious or Google search, I am on the fence regarding which I prefer. I found searching on Google more useful for topics that may lack popularity (I searched Nuclear Physics in both, and found Google produced the most applicable results). However, when I searched a more popular topic (such as chemotherapy) I found delicious provided a set of more applicable websites like the American Cancer Society than searching on Google. Something I find a bit annoying is that when you click on a link in delicious, that link opens in the current window instead of opening in a new window. So, if you are like me and close the window, you have to open delicious and start your search again. Although this can be fixed by holding the "control" button when clicking the link, I would like if it opened a new window just by clicking. I have found delicious to be very useful, and I like that the sites can be sorted according to tags to help find sites on specific topics. In my opinion, a site like delicious is much more practical than the traditional method of adding favorites on a computer. Having the ability to access your bookmarks from another computer and accessing other peoples lists is a very useful feature. 

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